A Brief History of Slavery – What You Need to Know

When studying world history at school, this is a concept that we all came across. But just because it was in our textbook, it does not mean that we actually learned about it. How many of us remember the famous slave riots or slave trades in history? Since this is a real problem that we are dealing with even during the current age, it is essential for us to increase our knowledge about it. Here are some important facts about slavery that you need to know.

The Origins

The slave trade started as early as the civilizations. Dr Jonathan Brown slavery article states that this trade was present even during the times of Jesus and Buddha. Those defeated during the early wars were usually taken as slaves. During civilizations such as Mesopotamia, male slaves were quite expensive. Female slaves were usually procured for sexual services. These slaves only got their freedom when their masters died.

Abolition Attempts

During the 18th century, a large number of abolitionist groups rose to end the slave trade. Denmark made slavery illegal in the year 1804. This movement was followed by Britain and the United States after a couple of years. However, since such movements affected the economic growth of these countries, slave trade continued on in secret.

The Continuation

Even though slavery was successfully abolished in North America, it continued and even grew to a larger scale in many other countries.There was forced labor in the European colonies and there was domestic slavery in many African countries. During the British colonization, many Asians and Africans were taken as slaves even after the colonization ended. Even though the United Nations outlawed slavery in all the countries, it still seems to be in practice in many nations.

In the current age, the slave trade is being mainly done due to reasons such as religion, politics amongst other reasons. The more we learn about this, the more we will come to realize that this is wrong and therefore needs to be stopped right now. There are many organizations around the world who are working hard to achieve this.

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