What Your Mechanic Will Never Tell You

There are some great mechanics out there, and they are often honest with their customers. They guide them toward the cheapest possible options, and build a positive reputation for themselves.

Unfortunately, as with most aspects of life, there are plenty of car mechanics who are looking to take advantage of people, and unnecessarily increase sales at their customer’s expense. Here are some ways that shady mechanics might try to trick you:

  • Be mindful of any tactics are the used to scare you, such as telling you that you shouldn’t drive your car even one more mile. This might often be true, but it should at least make you a little suspicious.
  • It’s okay to ask for credentials. No one expects you to do business with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Good mechanics should be happy to prove just how good they are, with real credentials.
  • You shouldn’t sign authorization forms that are blank. If you are going to sign anything, make sure that it details the exact work that’s going to be carried out. Sometimes unexpected problems arise, but you can have another form written out before more work is done.
  • Good mechanics do use “fancy” equipment. If you need to have your engine looked at, don’t take it to a place that doesn’t have a proper analysis machine.
  • If you’ve already had one mechanic give you a quote, you don’t need to tell the next mechanic what it is. You’re allowed to shop around, and you don’t have to share your findings.


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How to Deal With a Car Crash

Most people are lucky enough to never experience any sort of serious car crash. However, if you were to be involved in an accident, would you actually know what to do? Taking the wrong actions could be the difference between life and death. Here are some tips that will help to prepare you, should the unthinkable ever happen.

Stop Your Car

After you have an accident, even if it’s just a small bump – don’t just drive away. You should use the hazard lights on your car, or your headlights, so that you can let other drivers know that there has been an accident. Using your headlights can also create some light, so that the area is more safe.

Leave People Where They Are

Your first reaction to an injured person might be to try and get them out of the car. While you should help people who have been hurt, you should never attempt to move an injured person after a car crash. If someone is actually in danger, and they must be moved, try to support any broken limbs, and make sure that you don’t twist their neck or back.

If someone is wearing a crash helmet, you shouldn’t remove it. You can lift their visor, but don’t take the helmet off unless they stop breathing, or start to vomit. If you must remove someone’s helmet after a crash, get someone else to give their head and neck support, so that you can lift the helmet gently.

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Why Men Lose Interest in Women?

It is a tough situation when the man who was once in deep love with you starts to lose the interest and creates distances between you and him. Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t even realize why he wants to move on while you were thinking that everything is going great?

You can be thinking about why men lose interest? Why they want to move on or date other women? Some men would commit to a relationship and some would just pull themselves back after a while in a relationship. The answer to all these questions is deep emotional attraction.

Men need to feel a deep emotional state to commit to the women and when they are saying that they aren’t ready for a commitment that means they aren’t actually thinking about it. Men unlike women don’t form basis of their relationship on their past experience rather they look at what relationship is at the present moment. They won’t even consider the issues of the other day but women tend to remember reactions and situations for longer time period which affects them to adjust in a relation.

Men won’t consider themselves dating their partners for a longer time period sometimes months whereas women start thinking that they are in a relationship from third date onwards. Therefore, men need more time whereas women would jump to conclusions quickly that causes alterations and men to lose interest in the woman.

The influence of your present behavior matters a lot to a man. He must feel the attraction and state of deep love even when you are not present around. You should make him feel independent and if you would want to eat up his space and time, he would definitely move on in a real short period of time. If you want to know more about surviving in a relationship, you can take help of this famous course Be Irresistible James Bauer.

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15 Things Only Swimmers Know

  1. Literally every muscle in your body is used during your workout and it feels extraordinarily amazing.
  2. When you’re underwater, the rest of the world gets blocked out. The only things around you are the movement of your body and the freedom to let your mind wander.
  3. You understand that swimming a mile is much more different than running one.
  4. The finest line exists between leaky goggles and a massive headache.
  5. Your hair stylist has told you before the following phrase “Your hair is beautiful but it’s so damaged by all that chlorine.”
  6. Working out feels different and better when you can’t tell that you’re sweating. That’s why they recommend to have a good swimwear.
  7. Baby powder exists so that the experience of pulling a silicone swim cap over your head doesn’t become mission impossible.
  8. You have to bite your tongue when a non-swimmer thinks they’d be pretty fast in the pool because they work out or have a significant amount of muscle mass. NONSENSE!
  9. You have regular lane partners or lane neighbors, but you may not necessarily know them by names. Still, you respect them and feel a connection based on the recognition of dedication.
  10. People frequently ask if you are tired; because it looks like you have bags under your eyes. Those are just goggle marks.
  11. Being truly alone with your thoughts can give you the opportunity to solve all of your problems, plan out your day or even discover the cure for cancer.
  12. You have permanent tan lines, but they’re not the cool kind that you get from going on vacation.
  13. There is one style of goggles that you swear were made to fit your face perfectly.
  14. Trying to get into your swimsuit when it’s still damp can almost take away your desire to work out. Worst experience ever.
  15. You’ve planned your workout around strange and specific hours because the pool you use is only open or available at certain times.

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